The Fill n Squeeze Story!

The Fill n Squeeze baby food maker was invented by me Rifat a mother who struggled to feed my baby Zara homemade food when I was out and about. In the end, I resorted to shop bought pouches and glass jars which was not ideal due to not knowing exactly what she was eating, the heat intensive processing of the food destroy many vital nutrients and the cost of these pre filled pouches soon add up. When Sofia my youngest was 6 months old, I set about designing a system to pump homemade baby food in reusable pouches which can be easily heated up when out and about and easier to feed especially when attached to the pouch spoon.

I wish my girls were babies again as it would have been so much easier to feed them homemade baby food when out of the home. I remember the mess i used to make filling ice cube trays with homemade baby food, then trying to get the food cubes out into a bowl to defrost and then into the travel container...what a nightmare! WIth Fill n Squeeze there's no need to do any of that any more!

Knowing that I can batch cook, store the food in reusable pouches would have been a massive help. These pouches hardly take up any space in the freezer and best of all they are leak proof, no more lids coming off in the changing bag. 

I have to admit though, the girls still love making their own yoghurt pouches which also make a nice cool pack in their lunch boxes or when on a picnic!

Whether you are looking for a convenient baby food storage container solution, to save space in the freezer, find an easier way to heat up the baby food, want to save on plastic and £, or would like your baby to follow baby led weaning then the Fill n Squeeze baby food maker is the right product for you. Don't just take our word, please feel free to read all the positive reviews on amazon!

Also, if you are new to weaning have you noticed that many baby food pouches tastes the same?  By making your own pouches, you are in control and know what you are feeding your baby. Our recipe book is packed with weaning, toddler snacks and smoothie ideas even for their lunch box when they are at school.

I can promise you this is not another gadget that will only be used for weaning! When they are old enough to eat finger food, make your baby a healthy fruit puree for their afternoon snack which can be stored in the freezer ideal on a hot summers day or when they are teething. Continue using as they get older filled with yoghurts and smoothies. Our Smooth Snack pouches have a spot the difference game ideal to keep them entertained as well as enjoying a healthy snack. The best part is you can also store and freeze your breast milk in the sterile pouches before the baby weaning journey begins!

I really hope you and your little ones enjoy my Squeezee pouches. I hope with Fill n Squeeze that feeding time becomes a pleasure and that your children grow strong and healthy on fresh home cooked food. But I’d love to hear your stories, if you’re happy, if you’re not, if you think I can improve the design, please get in touch.

P.S By the way, if you're reading this and can see yourself storing your homemade smoothies and drinks in a pouch we've also designed an adult  version for you!

Love my big babies Zara & Sofia xx

Happy Feeding!