Over 1 million sold worldwide

The award-winnning baby food maker

Your maker kit for nutritious food in reusable pouches.

Make & store your own baby food

Simply mash and squeeze. Our super pouches can be reused time and time again for use on-the-go and for batch-making or freezing.

Make at home

Easy | Fast | Nutritious

Our patented baby food maker system allows you to make batches of nutritious baby food in seconds. Use our specially designed jug and pouch-filler to create dozens of meals in one go.

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use or store

Reusable | Portable | Freezable

Our Fill n Squeeze pouches are fully reusable, so say goodbye to expensive single-use supermarket pouches.

They're portable and so great for use on-the-go, and can be refrigerated or frozen.

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  • Over 1 million sold

    Our Fill n Squeeze baby food maker system is used and loved around the world.

  • Award-winning

    You name it, we've won it. Our innovative refill system is renowned for its usefulness and quality.

  • Eco-friendly

    Eco by design; our system for reusable pouches removes the need for single-use food pouches.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    Easy cancellation and returns with full customer support by email or telephone

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I love this, I make all my baby's food and use these daily, They are also great to have made up and freeze to stock up on baby food.

Great product. Made life so much easier, for processing and storing ready to eat meals for the little one

I am so in love with the fill n squeeze pouches and filling system it’s very easy to use and I get to make homemade food for the twins and take it out with me!

Loved by parents, loved by kids