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4 pouches
20 minutes

You will need

• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 1 garlic clove
• 2 large tomatoes
• 1 red onion
• Half a red pepper
• Half a yellow pepper
• Half a small courgette
• Half an aubergine
• 1 bay leaf
• A sprig of fresh thyme

To make

1. Chop all of the vegetables into small bite size pieces

2. Heat the olive oil in a pan then add the onion and crushed garlic, cook together until softened

3. Add the vegetables with the thyme and bay leaf and leave to cook until the vegetables begin to soften
4. Add the tomatoes and continue to cook until the vegetables are tender. Add a little water if necessary if the dish starts to dry out
5. Remove the thyme and bay leaf before blitzing into a puree.

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