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Guest Post – Baby Tips

With it being your first baby, I’m sure you are like me and will have read every baby manual you can get her hands on. If like me you are a control freak, you will have everything ready down to the cotton wool in the drawer in the nursery. Am I right?

I was thinking about what I can give as a gift from one mother to another mother to be. I want to give some knowledge, which I have gained through experience. These are my opinions and should be used with some common sense.

Below are tips I wish I had known before I had my two gorgeous boys. They have helped me out on an occasion or two so I thought I would share.

  •  Then your baby has bad nappy rash that Sudocream doesn’t help, use raw Egg white. It creates a second skin if left to try and if you keep the egg white in the fridge it cools their little tooshies. Just make sure you keep it away from their wandering fingers.
  • If your little bundle is all snuffly and having difficulty sleeping, prop the cot up at one side. You can use blocks, books, a pillow, your foot, other half’s head, anything you can get your hands on. It does help.
  • Baby’s nails grow super-fast and are super sharp. Scratch mits are essential with a new born, but they still manage to scratch their pretty squished faces. Cutting babies nails needs to be done often and is pretty traumatic at the beginning. Using nail clippers may result in a little nick which bleeds, oh does it bleed and you will feel terrible and think your baby will never forgive you. So instead of this nightmare bite their nails. Gross I know but you aren’t likely to cut them unless you’re a vampire in which case use nail clippers.
  • A sensor mat is great in a cot, instead of staring at the baby for hours on end when sleeping you will stare at a blinking light and your heart will miss a beat every time it slows for a Nano second. But seriously they are good until the baby moves off it and the alarm goes off. You may actually have a small heart attack and fall up the stairs trying to check on your baby who is sound asleep. Yes this has happened on more than one occasion.
  • Changing a nappy is something that you will be able to do with your eyes closed within the first week. Really, you will change a ton. Make sure you have everything to hand before removing that nappy or you, the floor, the mat, the baby and everything within the vicinity will get covered in poop, pee or both. And sometimes they vomit at the same time so you have no idea what to clean up first. Also if you have a wee boy, watch out for the sprinkler system they have good aim even at that age.
  • As they get older they may become attached a special toy. Never ever lose your child’s special toy and if possible buy a spare or ten. We had to go to Edinburgh Zoo one day to get a spare penguin from the shop. You will do anything.
  • Sing to your baby. They love it when you sing to them and love the sound of their parent’s voices. They have been listening for 9 months, they are used to it. It calms them. I used to have to sing Twinkle Twinkle to my oldest over and over to get him back to sleep.
  • NHS24 are very helpful. Even for the wee things like checking on the amount of medicine to give a baby. Use them.
  • If you are unlucky enough for your baby to have colic, infacol, homeopathic crystals, hot water, gripe water, a baby swing and ear plugs are your friend. You will try everything and anything. Something may work but the real solution is time. They do eventually grow out of it around 3/4months.
  • Teething, that is a tough one. You never really know your baby is teething until the teeth poke through. Teething powders I found to be good.
  • When weaning, cover everything and I mean everything because pureed carrot can get in places you wouldn’t believe. Not to mention the wallpaper paste that is porridge.
  • Babies and toddlers aren’t as fragile as you first think. You need about 5 pairs of eyes to keep watch and that probably isn’t enough when they are walking. Always keep a cool bump pack in the fridge for those little knocks and arnica gel works wonders on the bruising. What work most are a kiss and a cuddle.
  • Spend time with your baby and enjoy them. They aren’t babies for long.
  • Most importantly, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Your baby is your baby; you know him best, trust that and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If he is sick and you are not happy with the way he is do something about.

I am sure I have missed some out, but I could go on and on. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments section.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips and even if one helps you out one day, then my work here is done.


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